Purchase Your Very Own HaterMade Mafia Merchandise

Show your support for our infamous trucking community

Who said the long-hauling business couldn't be bold and flashy? HaterMade Mafia is here to keep on trucking and tell the haters where they can shove it. Our custom Peterbilt trucks are tearing up the road and impressing the crowds at truck shows throughout the country. Now, you too can let the haters know what you're about with our merch.

Check out our online store now to browse our selection of apparel and merchandise.

Meet up with some of our truckers at a truck show

We're always rolling up to truck shows across the South. Bring the kids and make a day of it. You'll get a chance to take a closer look at the impressive customized trucks, purchase some swag and meet other enthusiasts in our trucking family.

Thanks to our brand, you can:

Buy decals and stickers for your own truck
Pick out a hat or shirt to show your HaterMade Mafia pride
Enjoy footage of our upgraded trucks in action
Take pride in our growing national movement

Call 936-615-0580 now to speak with a member of our team.

What's so great about HaterMade Mafia?

We call ourselves "hater-made," because we don't let the haters tear us down; we use them to build ourselves up. Our trucking family defines itself by rising above the negativity and being our authentic selves out on the road. Haters out there think a big rig doesn't need any fancy decals or lights. We're on a mission to prove them wrong.